Hey guys, I thought this week we’d do another seasonally-appropriate Ingredient of the Week. Who out there has a sh!t ton of Halloween candy leftover from last night?

Here’s an article I wrote last year for Healthy Heart & Sole about what to do with leftover Halloween candy.

While you could throw it out or send it overseas to the troops, one of my favorite ways to use up candy is to freeze it and use it later in things like cookies, bars, bread, and other treats.

For example, this chocolate chip zucchini bread was made with what used to be a chocolate easter bunny. 

Just think, come Valentines Day, you could use some melted-down Hershey’s kisses in a lovingly cliched aphrodisiac chocolate dessert. Or you could, you know, crush up a mini Snickers bar into some ice cream and enjoy not having to share with anyone. You can use M&Ms to bake cookies for your friends jus because. Or you can just throw a party and put it all out there because, well, why spend money on more candy when you can count on drunk people to polish it off for you? The possibilities are endless.

What do you do with leftover Halloween Candy? 

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