Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve, however you spent it.

img 1332 - In with the new

My drink of the night was gin & club soda–alternating with water!

To change things up, I ventured out to New Jersey for a friend’s James Bond-themed house party. It was fun to put on a dress and heels and catch up with a few old favorites. This was definitely my favorite New Years so far-lots of fun and no drama!

img 1340 - In with the new

Me & one of my lady friends making silly pouty faces at midnight

img 1339 - In with the new

I kind of like this picture better though, since we’re not really pouty-face people : )

I also learned that meditating regularly can help you be good at roulette, at least if there’s no money involved. So that’s one habit I’m resolving to keep up this year! With two upcoming graduations and a job hunt ahead, setting aside time to tune out the noise and tune in to my intuition will be especially important!

I also want to integrate more mindfulness-based practices into my life. Qi Gong is at the top of the list of Things to Try. 2012 was all about breaking free and starting new things, casting out lines, and this year, I want to work on becoming more open and continuing to make room for those good, right things. I also want to get outside more. I did a good job of that this summer, but since it got cold out, I’ve been missing the fresh air!

I started my day with another weird savory breakfast: oatmeal with chia seeds, egg whites, chopped leek, lots of garlic, red pepper flakes and ginger. I also added spinach and roasted cauliflower and topped it off with a bit of tahini. My mom was weirded out but intrigued enough to ask for a taste, and she really liked it!

img 1346 - In with the new

lots of green for good fortune in the new year

Then we went for a walk, which was so nice, despite the chill!

So far so good, 2013. Let’s see what else you’ve got in store.

What are your New Years resolutions? 

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