…how some people manage to leave the house without breakfast. Or at least how they leave without any intention of putting something in their stomach before lunch. Let’s forget for a second all that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” stuff and just talk  about habits/wiring. As someone who was not born with the ability to be polite on an empty stomach, sometimes I feel like I’m in the minority. All you non-breakfast eaters, how are you not ready to gnaw off someone’s arm?

steel-cut oats with pear, dried apricot, flax & chia seeds and cottage cheese, topped w/ PB2 sauce

If I’m running late in the morning, it’s usually because I was eating. To save time, I make breakfast the night before or make larger batches and separate leftovers into single servings so I can just reheat, eat and go.


Do you need to eat breakfast or do you feel okay without it? 

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