So last Halloween weekend, we got a freaky snowstorm, and this time around, Hurricane Sandy is coming to join the party. I was in New Jersey for Hurricane Irene, which was kind of a sh!tshow, but I’ll be in NYC this go-around and most likely expected to show up at the hospital and serve up patient meals if some of the food service staff can’t make it. No wonder I had a nightmare about an “advanced food service” rotation! Oh, the glamorous life of a dietetic intern…getting paid to do this stuff one day will be nice.

Anyway, after a morning yoga class today, I had a friend over to catch up over coffee & toast (with ricotta instead of butter—so good!). After that, I headed to get some groceries. New Yorkers aren’t getting too freaked out, but Trader Joe’s was still packed.

I have no idea whether my building loses power often (my last few places didn’t) since I just moved here in June, so I just picked up a few non-perishables instead of the usual haul of produce, dairy, eggs, and the like. I have plenty of that stuff to get me through until late next week anyway. In general, my pantry is pretty well-stocked for a culinary apocalypse at baseline, so I didn’t have to get much. Besides, I’m only one person. Having to think of a boyfriend and/or, like, family of four would be a real pain in the ass. Here’s a small sampling of what I have on hand…img 0587 - (Hurricane) Sandy Snacks

I guess we’ll see. I hope that folks in low-lying and heavily wooded areas are okay. Dare I admit I’m kind of loving that people are giving the full moon its due in terms of impact it can have on the tides? To those who say that it’s silly to think it effects people, I’d like to point out the fact that we’re made of ~60% water…

I kind of think these sorts of intense weather events are going to become the norm, if they haven’t already (let’s be honest). It blows my mind that there are still folks who think global warming isn’t real…

Are you preparing the storm? What are some of your go-to non-perishable food items? 

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