Though there are lots of healthy breakfast options you can enjoy in a hurry, it’s hard to beat the convenience of cold cereal and milk. Shopping for said cold cereal can be an overwhelming experience, though. The cereal aisle at your local store can feel like a minefield of healthy claims and colorful labels proclaiming all manner of ridiculousness.

I think my favorite example is this particular variety I spotted that’s basically implying it will make you poop like a pro.

Digestive cereal

Awesome. Now how about a cereal that can, like, do my taxes or something?

That said, finding a cereal that will actually fill you up and nourish your body without dumping a bunch of sugar into your system is actually doable. Check out the guide I wrote for YouBeauty on how to shop for a healthy cereal without losing your mind.

What’s your favorite quick breakfast? Favorite cereal? 

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