snapper and salad I feel like I’ve been totally slacking on my dinner game this summer. It’s just been so…hot…and I’ve been so…busy. My weekly meal prep has been a life-saver in being able to assemble healthy, tasty meals in no time flat, but some nights when I get home, all I want to do is throw stuff in a bowl over greens and call it a done deal. My fridge has basically just been serving as my personal salad bar this summer.

Salad may sound insubstantial, but it’s actually really easy to make it a balanced meal. Here’s how:

*Start with greens and veggies

This summer I am all about arugula. A few of my favorite veggie add-ins are heirloom tomato, thin-sliced cucumber, and steamed or roasted summer squash. I’m also really digging shredded red cabbage.

*Pick a protein

Meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts, cheese, tofu, tempeh, seitan—whatever floats your boat!

* Choose a healthy fat

Olive oil, avocado, and nuts and seeds all provide healthy fats—just be sure to keep portions on the smaller side. A little goes a long way.

*Don’t be afraid of carbs

1/4 to a 1/2 cup serving of grains like wheat berries, rice, and quinoa are just a few of the many ways to add staying power to your meal. A few other ideas are beans and roasted squash or sweet potatoes. Of course, there’s no rule that says you have to have carbs with your salad—fiber-rich fruit as dessert is always an option too ; )

*Easy on the “extras” 

Dried fruit, cheese, croutons, and other garnishes can add up—pick one higher-calorie item and enjoy. You can always have th either one next time…

What’s your favorite salad combo? 

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