Summer is in full swing here in NYC, and I totally thought I’d be able to hop right back on the carousel when I landed at JFK two weeks ago. Since I’ve been back, the universe has tried repeatedly to remind me that it’s a bit silly to expect myself to be able to get immediately back into my old routine, but did I listen? Of course not. Take it easy, me?

Check out my sexy wrist brace, courtesy of an overly ambitious yoga pose the other day. Go figure my attempt to sweat out a stressful situation only left me even more stressed—this time physically!

Being a Sagittarius, I’m not great with transitions. I totally didn’t think I needed to ease myself back into New York City livin’ after my three weeks in Italy, but now that I’m sitting here with a velcro thingamajig wrapped around my forearm, I understand how wrong I was. I always expect a lot from myself (much, much more than I expect from other people) and I tend to forget the advice I so often give: Be nice to yourself.

We’re not machines. We need good food and ample sleep and the kind of care and attention we would show to a friend. My aunt once said she had a dream where she was told to treat herself “like a new pet.” I love that!

Speaking of dreams, I had a dream last night I broke into someone’s house the day after Christmas so I could leave them a bottle of red wine and look through their photo album. Wonder what that could mean…

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