As if women didn’t have enough to be insecure about, Piperlime’s new coffee cup display just added a little something special to our day. On my way back from a doctor’s appointment this morning, feeling a bit haggard and worn out and debating whether a low-grade fever and sore throat are enough to keep me from going to class (I’m going anyway and relying on tylenol and caffeine), I noticed this on my coffee cup:

Granted, I was wearing jeans and not sweatpants, but I was still offended. The idea that we should dress for men is downright disgusting (to me, anyway). We should take care of ourselves and take pride in our appearance because it matters to us—not because we’re trying to land a husband or something. And besides, if a woman is wearing sweatpants in public because she’s on her way to or from a workout, should that really be discouraged? Yeah, I know lots of places have changing rooms, but come on.

No wonder I have a fever—this sh*t makes my blood boil.

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