The cleaning continues.

We’re just about done. It’s practically like having a new apartment. We moved all the furniture around, cleaned every possible inch, organized, and set aside a ton of stuff to give away.

I’m not kidding—we have a small mountain things we’ll be donating to Housing Works and other similar organizations.

I also uncovered several boxes and a few piles of used notebooks. 

And a poetry project I apparently did with a Dali calendar in 2006? Oh dear, that’s embarrassing…

On Friday night we took a little break and met my parents for dinner at Dafni, a Greek restaurant in Hells Kitchen, where we enjoyed Greek salad, grilled calamari, boureki, and other delicious things. Wine, of course.

Boureki with 3 types of greens, herbs, and feta

After saying our goodbyes went to see a late showing of Woody Allen’s new Midnight in Paris. While I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite, I really liked it. I’m such a sucker for glamour shots of romantic cities. Sigh. Maybe if I daydream hard enough I can teleport?

My mom gave me a set of Garlic Gold products—I got these for her for Christmas, and she liked them so much she decided to spread the love when she re-stocked. We’ve already put the vinaigrette and the oil to good use.

It’s crazy how fast the weekend has gone, but I’m really proud of how much progress we’ve made. I mean, look at the closet! I used to have to fight my way to the back of it to get to my shoes and kept my boots near the bed. This is so much better it makes me giddy. Even after a good, honest try on-a-thon, I still have too much clothing, but I suppose that’s not such a terrible dilemma : )

Thanks for humoring me and looking at my all my “home improvement” photos. Hope your weekend was a good one!

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