After a mellow weekend in Maine with his dad and stepmom, Chris and I are back in NYC. It was so nice to step off the bus into a warm evening. We actually walked home—isn’t it amazing how nice weather and brighten your mood and make everything seem just a little bit easier? And to think, I’d started the afternoon growling, “The universe just knows I have PMS, doesn’t it?”

Within minutes of hitting the pavement, though, I’d all but forgotten about the screaming baby and its coughing mother, the cloud of body odor from the next seat, and the dude who reclined way, way back into my personal space.


I’m almost always happy to get home from a trip, but coming home to an empty fridge can be kind of a bummer. Though I would have liked to have figured out a way to create something out of dried seaweed, a sweet potato, a can of eggplant caponata (where the hell did that come from?) and a kirby cucumber, my common sense and low blood sugar persuaded me to get on board with Chris’ suggestion of Chinese takeout. I’m glad I listened.

Sometimes a little greasy sesame tofu and broccoli in garlic sauce with sticky brown rice is the perfect thing for a late dinner. I’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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