So I’m officially partway to Florence. After a long, near-sleepless flight, I was feeling a little (or okay, very) wiped, so as soon as I’d gotten settled in Zurich, I decided to refuel with some lunch/brunch. This roasted-veggie-and-mozzarella sandwich was pretty good for airport food, and the baggie of baby carrots stashed in my purse helped me get in some veggies.

On the plane there had been dinner (which I declined, having eaten already) and breakfast. Airplane food is so depressing. I made do with the teeny-tiny yogurt and an orange I’d brought from home, but man, the croissant on my tray had been a bit, um, frozen. Lovely.

Soon enough I’ll be in Florence though, where there is, I’m told, no shortage of fabulous food.

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