Happy Friday! What are you getting into this Valentines Day weekend? I’m not going to see him until next weekend, but Eli is my Valentine every day of the year.

muddy eli

Last year I went out for an overpriced dinner and scared my date with a card, but this year, I have some fun plans I’m looking forward to. I’m balancing a hospital shift with celebrations of friendship and love—a wedding Saturday and a Galentines gathering on Sunday. Naturally, I’ve been having fun planning what foods I’m going to make and share.

February is all about matters of the heart, so this month I’m sharing some of my favorite heart-healthy superfoods over on Elana Lyn. Not like you needed another reason to love chocolate, but happy to provide some.

Has anyone tried the new vegan ice creams by Ben & Jerry’s? Unfortunately, a lot of the ingredients are on my allergy sad-list, but I love that the company is using some real-food ingredients in there. That said, though some of the flavors are lower in calories and sugar than their regular ice cream counterparts, 200 calories is still 200 calories, so pick your indulgences according to what you’ll truly be satisfied with. I shared some thoughts in this Glamour post.

Alcohol is touted as being heart-healthy, but sometimes you really don’t need a drink. Or maybe it’s too early and you’ve got s*** to do. If you’re looking for a cocktail you can enjoy and still get on with your day, lately, I’ve been loving this combo of sparkling water, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and a dash of bitters.

How are you spending your Valentines Day weekend? 

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