Good morning and happy Memorial Day! I’m working today so no sleeping in, cooking out for me, but at least I could theoretically wear white tomorrow if I wanted, right? Then again, I wear a white lab coat every weekday, so big deal.

I’m sure a lot of you are traveling this weekend and/or have summer travel plans in store. Today I have a guest post for you from Cole Millen. So, without further ado…

How to Make Healthy Food Choices When Traveling

Getting into shape for an upcoming vacation can be rewarding when you see how well your clothes fit. After you’ve done all of the hard work to get your weight down, you don’t want to ruin your efforts by gaining it back while on traveling. The following tips will help you make smarter food choices and prevent the weight from sneaking back on.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Be prepared for your trip by having a filling meal before you leave. Foods high in fiber and lean protein can keep you feeling full longer and won’t have you reaching for junk food. Walk around the concourse in search of healthy options such as chicken, salads with low-fat dressing and a turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread. Be sure to pack healthy snacks in case of a delayed flight. Dried fruits, almonds, celery sticks, sliced apples and peanut butter are better alternatives then the typical airport fare. Burn off additional calories by using the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.


Do some research ahead of time when choosing your hotel. Try to select a destination where you can walk to a majority of your activities instead of driving. Instead of taking the elevator, you can locate the stairs to get to your room. Find a hotel with an in-room refrigerator, so you can fill it will healthy options such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, bottled water and string cheese. Many hotels have microwaves and coffee makers, making it easy to heat up soup and instant oatmeal. If you plan on heading to the breakfast buffet, you can still make healthy choices. An omelet made with egg whites or egg substitute and vegetables is a great alternative to fried eggs and bacon. Round off the meal with whole-grain toast, fruit and yogurt.

Healthy Restaurants

Eating out can be tricky, especially when you’re on vacation. One of the major factors that I have found that have made a difference in my travels was when I began to read the reviews on the areas and restaurants of where I was staying before hand. If you go into an area unaware of your surroundings, you are choosing your meals blind and this is what often leads to unhealthy eating. I did a poor job of this in the past and paid the price. On my recent vacation out west, I searched the internet and found a great site that listed Las Vegas hotels reviews and ended up with the best option for my personal eating habits and avoided the buffet zone. All you can eat buffets are dangerous and can make you eat more than you actually want to. Do your research ahead of time and look at the various restaurants and menus attached to them. Many of today’s restaurants cater to their customer’s needs and will tweak your order to fit with your dietary restrictions. Some also dedicate a portion of their menu to lighter fare options such as grilled chicken, brown rice and steamed vegetables.

By following these tips, you can come home happy, rested and most importantly, healthy.

About Cole Millen: an avid traveler and foodie who never forgets that life’s best memories are made through real life apprehension of legitimate “experiences.”

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