Hey guys, I’ve got a special treat for you today! I recently had the chance to team up with the wonderful career change coach Jill Ozovek and chat with her on her Career Passport Podcast about Easy Nutrition Tips to Stay Healthy at Work.

Jill Ozovek Episode 9

How we eat has a huge impact on our work performance, whether we’re on the nine-to-five clock or building our own empire, having the proper fuel is key. In this episode, I talk share some of my favorite tips along with my own story of how I became a nutritionist and some things I’ve learned on the way.

You can listen to the full episode here.

We’re all different, but some of my personal non-negotiables:

-Breakfast like a king. Breakfast and lunch are my biggest meals of the day. Lately, I’m all about frittata and roasted sweet potato for breakfast. Great way to get in plenty of veggies and protein and some slow-burning complex carbs to start my day off right.

-Eat plenty of veggies. Talk about foods that do you favors! Veggies are packed with powerful vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that support health brain and body function. I love doing a big salad at lunch.

-Prioritize protein. This one is a cliche for a reason—having enough (but not boatloads of) protein helps you stay full and keeps hanger at bay.

avocado and hemp hearts-Don’t fear fat. When I’m not getting enough healthy fats in my diet, I feel super-hungry and notice that my hair, skin, and nails look sad. I make sure I get in plenty of avocado, peanut butter, tahini, flax, chia, olive oil, and coconut oil. I also use ghee and organic butter for certain recipes.

-Make time for fitness. Endorphins are helpful for dealing with stress and anxiety. Having physical activity as part of my usual day (I’m a fan of morning workouts) lends a sense of routine even if my schedule changes day to day.

-Have some kind of mindful practice. I have a membership with a yoga studio that’s convenient for me to get to several times a week. It’s made a huge difference in my stress levels and has helped me feel more grounded during some big life stuff.

-Journal. Every morning I jot down a few goals, along with a few things I’m grateful for. This sets me up for a more focused, purposeful day. Before bed every night, I write what I appreciate myself for, a choice that did not serve me so well, something I added in or crowded out, and then a loving thought.

-Keep a lid on the coffee habit.  Once upon a time, I use to think nothing of eight cups a day. After age 30, my body decided that had to stop. In this story for Shape, I wrote about how I got my coffee habit in check.

Has your career path been straightforward, or have you had interesting twists and turns? What are some of your favorite foods to eat to fuel your workday? 

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