While we may be mourning the end of summer, this is also an exciting time of year filled with new possibilities. As I was talking about the other day, as we get ready for those back-to-school / back-in-action shifts in our day to day, it’s 100% normal to get stressed out. Being proactive by knowing what throws you off track and setting yourself up with the tools you need to deal with those things.

A really common thing that comes up is snacking during the workday. Do you find yourself dipping in to the office snack stash or hitting the vending machine every afternoon?  Or do you white-knuckle it through the stomach growls, only to wind up overeating at your next meal? Do you feel bored with your usual go-to snacks?

avocado and hemp hearts

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for tips for healthy desk snack options to get you through the workday. So to make your life easier, I put together this guide to healthy desk snacks. You can grab it here.

What’s your favorite snack on a busy day? I love Greek yogurt with frozen berries if I’m at home, but if I’m out and about, my go-to is jerky and grape tomatoes.




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