We’ve had a really nice weekend here in North Carolina—good company, good food, good sleep. We also enjoyed both the pool and the beach. Yesterday, we saw someone get stung by a stingray, though. He’s probably going to be fine, but after that I was good to chill on the sand and read. Chris, of course, is part fish himself and was totally undeterred.

The first night, we made pizza and salad, and then last night, after a “sundowner” (drinking wine and watching the sunset on the beach), I prepared an Indian-themed meal, along with help from Chris and his honorary cousin, Erica. I always get a little nervous when cooking for a group of people I don’t normally cook for, but luckily, everything turned out really well and no one was up vomiting or anything all night.

I have a big week ahead (work, deadlines, jury duty), but I’ve got almost a full draft done of my research paper, despite having a relaxing weekend, so I’m feeling recharged and ready to face the ridiculousness.

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