Happy Friday! Hope you’re looking forward to a great weekend.

One thing I love about weekends is the chance to take my morning routine at whatever pace I want (except, of course, if I’m doing a weekend shift at the hospital). It’s also a great time to try new breakfast recipes. If it’s a major fail, you have the time to scrap it and start over. If it doesn’t fill you up, you have the flexibility to make a healthy snack mid-morning.

Here are a few of my favorite sweet potato recipes that are perfect for breakfast:

*Two-Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancake

sweet potato pancake steps

*PB & J Sweet Potato

PB and J Sweet Potato

*Sweet Potato Toast



I love sweet potato with peanut butter , but it’s also delicious with goat cheese, tahini, and avocado if you’re looking for a savory twist. It’s also great with salsa, black beans, and cheddar to work a little spice in there.

What’s your favorite weekend breakfast? 




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