Happy Monday! Anyone got any cool plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Though we’re not particularly big fans of Hallmark holidays,  Chris and I still usually do something little. Since he’s got class until late tonight, we went out for breakfast to a little place called Alice’s Tea Cup. It was a fun way to make this Monday a little extra special. His cornmeal pancakes were awesome, as was my granola, which came with plain yogurt and fruit. There was so much, though, I had to take most of the granola home! Looking forward to working my way through the doggie bag…

While Chris went to class, I walked home in the sunshine and then took a little lie-down. I always have trouble sleeping this time of year, so any chance to close my eyes is important! When I felt like my head had cleared enough, I sent off all my dietetic internship applications. Finally! It’s so good to have that out of my hands. I applied to 8 schools, which is not cheap, but I’m hoping for the best. And if “the best” involves a plan B, I feel good about my options.

Also, if you have time, check out this great post on self-love from Oh She Glows. We’re so conditioned to think about our relationships with other people but it’s also key to nurture our relationship with ourselves!

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