Friday, I went to my friend Leah’s place for a low-key girls’ happy hour, which included sparkling wine, some kind of campari-vermouth-sparkling water cocktail, chips & salsa, and homemade (by me) black bean hummus with carrots and pita. Recipe coming soon. 

Then Leah pulled out a bunch of clothes she’s getting rid of and started talking us into taking things home. Somehow I always leave her place with a bag of ridiculousness. I mean that in the best way possible.

Here is something I did not take home but had a hilarious time running around in. 

Did I mention there was wine?

Leah is a good sport for letting me photograph her fridge, which contained something that used to be a lemon, and a container of strawberries that she estimates have been in there for about two weeks. 

Glamour shot

I can’t judge, though. Once upon a time, my fridge contained only strawberries, guava paste, and vodka. Fortunately for my liver, this really only went on for one summer. I can’t even drink vodka anymore…I mean, I guess I physically could, but the thought makes me gag.

Hope you had a fun Friday night!

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