From May 7th through May 16th, Starbucks is hosting a happy hour from 3-5 pm, where Frappuccinos are half-off.

Okay, so I know I’m gearing up for a career of promoting healthy eating, but I have to admit this sounds pretty tempting. Good marketing on the part of Starbucks, that’s for sure.  Though I usually reach for real food to get me through the afternoon, I can definitely see myself dropping in at some point.

Though these super-sweet frozen drinks are far from health foods, it’s possible to include one now and then in a healthy, balanced diet by making a little room. Think of it as a milkshake or dessert item rather than just as a caffeine-fix. You can also go for a “light” version of your favorite flavor, which is what I’ve been known to do.

Looking at some of the Frappuccino add-ins Starbucks is promoting now (add chocolate chips! whipped cream!), I feel like there should be a fine-print “Enjoy Responsibly” disclaimer. Or even something like “Overconsumption may result in lower desire to don a bikini…”

I guess in New York, at least consumers have calorie-labeling to help them make more informed choices, though one could always hit up Starbucks online for nutrition info.

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