img 3431 300x224 - Halloween DetoxSo, it’s the Monday after Halloween and the day after the end of daylight savings time. Between the extra sugar and weird sleep, you might be feeling a little…off. Maybe you’ve even sworn not to ever eat sugar or drink alcohol again. Remind me to tell you about the first time I ever had absinthe. Incidentally, it was also the last time I had absinthe.

Rather than go balls-to-the-wall with some crazy deprivation diet you’re totally going to keep up until Thanksgiving dinner, here are a few more moderate, sane approaches to clean up your act this week and get back on the road towards feeling like your best self:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Deal with any leftover Halloween candy. Here are a few tips and tricks for recycling and/or getting rid of it.
  • Load your plate with fresh produce: leafy greens, seasonal squash, crisp apples—the more (naturally occurring) color, the better!
  • Fill up on fiber: Think veggies, fruit, whole grains, beans, and super-seeds like chia and flax. This helps you feel satisfied and promotes healthy digestion.
  • Pop a probiotic. The “good” bacteria will help get your GI system working properly, which boosts immune system function—extra important as we go into cold & flu season.
  • Do something active. The endorphin boost will chase away any lingering sugar/food guilt blues and help you sleep better.
  • Show yourself some love. Whether it’s a manicure, a massage, or just a few minutes to yourself to breathe, doing something nice for yourself keeps you feeling good and cared for and more likely to keep doing what makes you feel great!

What did you do for Halloween this year? Any favorite ways to deal with leftover candy? 

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