Sometimes I feel like the only blogger I know (can’t believe I just said that) who isn’t training for a race. While I enjoy taking long rambling walks, running is something I exhibit neither the passion nor the talent for. Not that I’m opposed to trying it (the required mile-run in high school doesn’t count); it’s just that I really enjoy working out in a gym and doing stuff like yoga, pilates, and playing tennis.

Today was the half-marathon in New York, so when I went out for a morning walk, I had to be sure to avoid the race route. Honestly, just getting outside on a gorgeous day is enough. While yeah, I could train to run 14 miles, but honestly, walking four or five is enough for me, thank you. Still, to those in the 40-percent of Americans who do no “leisure-time physical activity,” you don’t know what you’re missing!

It was beautiful out today, and even though I had a lot of studying to do, I made sure to get out for a while.

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