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Why an RD?

Hello everyone! Missing Jess yet? I bet you are, you can’t fool me 😉 Well, I am here today to fill the void today and keep you guys entertained 😀

I want to discuss with all of you why I chose to take my Bachelors of Science in Foods & Nutrition in order to become a Registered Dietitian. I bet you are dying to know, right? 😉

When you were young (or younger) did your parents tell you that you were capable of being anything you put your mind to? Mine did; many of times. I was lucky that way— I was always being encouraged, but never pressured. I never felt as though I was letting my parents down if I couldn’t do something perfectly because I knew they were proud of me no matter what.

Throughout my childhood, like any other day-dreaming girl, I had so many different dreams of what I wanted to be when “I grew up”. One of the more serious dreams I had was to become an actress. Seriously. I taught myself how to cry on the spot and I would memorize every single line from all of my favourite movies. I would constantly be putting on productions for my parents and tried to be as professional as possible. It is probably a good thing that I am an only child; I don’t think I would have allowed anyone else act in my plays 😉 I had all of the roles. 


Mean girl or not, I wanted to be Regina George 😉

Dreams of becoming an actress were always on my mind, but dreams of becoming a veterinarian became much stronger. I was interested in sciences throughout school and loved animals, so I thought I should be a veterinarian! Once high school came around I realized I hated physics and really did not want to take the grade 12 level if the course. I had no interest in physics, so why put myself through it, right?

Not only did my lack of interest in physics allow me to let go of my dream of becoming a veterinarian, but when a Registered Dietitian was introduced into my life, everything changed and I knew that I must become a Registered Dietitian. My love of food, a healthy lifestyle, and helping others through promoting nutrition or one-on-one consulting made me realize that a Registered Dietitian would be the best career choice for me. 


One of the best things about my journey of becoming a Registered Dietitian is the inspiration I get from my personal Registered Dietitian. At one point in my life, I didn’t want to listen to anyone. A force inside me, an eating disorder (ED), was influencing me to lead a damaging and unhealthy lifestyle. Many family members and close friends of mine would try to steer me in the right direction, but I was convinced by ED that I was living a healthy lifestyle no matter what I was told by others. I was totally blind from reality, though. With all of the help being offered by my loved ones, there was only one person I confessed that I would take advice from and that was a dietitian. Immediately, my Mom found a dietitian available in my hometown and my life was changed. We met the next morning and discussed everything I was going through. She was so compassionate and did not judge. I felt as though I could tell her anything and everything. I didn’t feel like I should be hiding anything from her, despite the amount of knowledge she had on proper nutrition.

My dietitian changed my life. I now am proud and confident when saying I lead a healthy lifestyle. I do not make decisions to harm my body any longer. I know that any thought that may come to mind about deprivation or restriction is an unhealthy ED thought. My dietitian was able to get me to this point in my life.

I have 1.5 years left until I complete my undergrad in Foods & Nutrition, but I will not stop there. I am going to become an RD, so I can save a girl or boy who is in the same position I was years ago.

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