Good morning! I have another great guest post for you guys. Today I have Emily Swanson talking about her journey toward intuitive eating.


Why does intuitive eating work so well?  Why do we ignore it our bodies and follow fad diets, pills, quick fixes, and eating disorders.  What is intuitive eating?  Why can we eat intuitively?  How can we listen to our bodies and not ‘balloon?’

Simple Answer.  Your body is fearfully and wonderfully made.  It is designed specially with an ability in your stomach to know when you’re full and when you’re hungry.  It ‘usually’ tells you when 5 Oreos or 10 Oreos were one too many.

I don’t say this as a nutritionist or a scientist or a dietitian or health professional.  I’m not giving you advice that should be taken as such, but I’m sharing my own experience from the past 6 months.

I came back from a trip to Europe, where I backpacked everywhere, probably burned tons of calories (although I was not counting), and I found myself worried that I would get home, be less active, and gain weight.

Yet, I knew it was crucial that I stay off the scale.  I did weigh myself when I got home.  It was probably 4-6 months later, that I got on the scale out of curiosity.  Despite the winter months of Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s goodies, making goodies after Christmas, and less activity, I was the exact same weight.

Now, I am not saying AT all that you are defined by a number.  I don’t believe that’s true, but I am trying to show, in the best way possible the amazing intuitiveness of the body.

During that season, I ate exactly what my body needed.  I honestly did not feel like gorging on Christmas sweets, but I also had my fair share of sugar.  I ate salad.  I ate cinnamon rolls.  I understand that everybody’s body is different, and some bodies will reject sugar or gluten or dairy, and I encourage you to LISTEN to your body.  I’ve been learning to listen to mine more, slowly, and my weight is the most stable it’s been in YEARS.

The body is an amazing thing.  If you slow down, chew your food, savor each bite, and marvel at the variety and goodness that God has created for us, that we don’t deserve, you will begin to see how awesome the human body is.

The human body heals from anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia (you name it.)  I have read stories from Julia, Alison, Annie, Niki, and others about how their body has been brought back from the brink of death and began to heal and repair.  Alison has amazed me with her ability to put her ED behind and encourage others with her positive outlook and the change that I’ve seen in her.  She’s made me realize that you can leave calorie counting behind and go back to being a healthy, happy girl by listening to your body, the body that God so fearfully and wonderfully designed.

The body is awesome.  Stop for a moment and just thank God for it.  Then go listen to it, and eat what you need.

Thankful for all 5’3″ of the body that God has given me to use for Him. Emily Swanson

How are you learning to listen to your body? 

Thanks, Emily!

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