One thing that cracks me up when I blog about a day’s worth of food is when I upload the photos later and notice something that didn’t occur to me at all when I took them. For example, while looking over my pictures from Wednesday in Boston, I noticed that pretty much all my meals involved the color green.

I ate a late breakfast at Chris’ mom’s house while I checked emails. The kitchen is under construction right now, otherwise I would have made oats or something. I always travel with snacks, and this apple and almond butter hit the spot.  I don’t know what it is about granny smith apples that I like so much, but they’re just so refreshing. 

I met my aunt for an early lunch at Life Alive, an organic vegetarian place in Central Square. It was easily the best meal I had during the whole trip. If you’re in the area, go and order the Green Goddess Bowl. I’m a sucker for greens & garlic, especially if you throw avocado into the mix. There was also brown rice, tofu, and some amazing sauce. Green juice was a necessity too. I was feeling a wee bit depleted from the night before. 

Dinner was with friends at a random Thai place near the All Asia bar where we went to the early bout. It wasn’t quite filling enough, but we were so busy, I barely had time to be hungry. That almost never happens to me—I guess it shows how much fun I was having!

Before the 11 pm show at the Cantab Lounge  (which was amazing, by the way), I also found time to eat a mostly-green banana. Of course, I ran into an old friend while munching on said banana. I’m not really a fan of eating phallically symbolic foods on the sidewalk at night, but sometimes you just do what you gotta do.

I’ve written about craving green foods before, and can’t say for sure whether it actually means something. What I can say is that when I’m traveling and staying up late or not sleeping as much as normal or drinking, like, two drinks in a night instead of the usual zero to one, I like to reach for foods with lots of nutrients in them.

I think a lot of it is mental. If you think it’s going to make you feel good, you’re probably more likely to feel good after eating it. Something in me believes that a bunch of green stuff will make me feel like that second glass of wine was actually just water or that I got seven instead of four hours of sleep. Whatever works!

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