I’ve really been enjoying my last couple weeks of “summer vacation.” It’s nice to only be working and volunteering and not going to school full time too…Today, I met up with two of my best girls for a day of shopping, eating, walking and talking.

We started off in Chinatown, where I picked up some green tea and a bottle of Chris’ beloved sriracha. Then we each got a young coconut. Fresh coconut water is one of my favorite things!

Afterwards, we had lunch at a casual build-your-own salad/sandwich kind of place where we had to be the only people speaking English in the whole place. I went for mixed greens with chickpeas, tomato, cucumber, and feta along with a little red wine vinaigrette. And bread, of course. It was perfect.

A fake vagina with teeth...one of the weirder things I've seen...

After some shopping (oh, Toys in Babeland, how I love you) and wandering, we headed up to the Upper West Side/Morningside Heights in search of coffee and treats at the Hungarian Pastry Shop on Amsterdam Ave. I tasted Allie and Lemor’s lemon-creme ball thing and cherry pastry, and I did quite a number of my chocolate-dipped walnut bar.

Afterwards, we hung out at Lemor’s place and checked out the view from the roof. Amazing. Cheers to a great summer day!

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