In a lot of ways, I think lunch is the most under-appreciated meal of the day. As a dietitian, I often emphasize the importance of  breakfast, but more and more, I find myself counseling people to make sure that they eat something substantial during the day. Even though dinner hogs the spotlight for a lot of us, it can be helpful to make lunch our main meal of the day, since that’s when we need the fuel to get through our day-to-day madness.

Though, ideally, we’d all be able to take a step away from our workspace to enjoy a leisurely, balanced lunch, that’s not always the case. I’m guilty of eating at my desk on the days I work at the hospital (and even when I’m working from home), preferring to use my lunch break for a walk around the block or to run errands.

IMG 8579 300x300 - Gorgeous Lunch at A VoceThat said, it’s lovely when getting out for lunch is an option! Yesterday, I was treated by my friend Surkhab to a gorgeous meal at A Voce above Columbus Circle. The only problem with having talented, brilliant friends fearlessly pursuing their passions is that they’re so busy, I don’t get to see them nearly enough! This gave us a chance to catch up, finally.

I ordered the prix fix lunch.  It started with a lovely arugula salad, which was followed by branzino with a winter caponata. Both were outstanding. The flavors and textures of each dish was perfect. Though I wouldn’t normally have ordered dessert, I loved this ricotta cheesecake my meal came with. Though I only had room for a few bites, I could not get over how flavorful it was.

This was easily one of the best meals I had this year, and it was such a treat to spend it with one of my favorite people.

What was one of the best meals you enjoyed in 2014?