People always want something they can ban. Is gluten-free the newest Atkins diet? It just may be, according to Sharon Palmer of the Daily Herald. In Monday’s article, she takes a look at what a hot trend it’s become to avoid gluten.

While there are some people, such as those with celiac disease, who genuinely cannot tolerate gluten, many people believe that gluten intolerance is more common than many of us think. While I know quite a few people who have celiac, I have also come across a lot of people who feel they can’t handle gluten.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of The View and author of The G-Free Diet, believes that a gluten-free diet can increase energy, lower cholesterol, help you lose weight, control IBS, combat ADD and ADHD, and restore health. Hm. I can’t say I’m inclined to hop right on board with this one. I honestly don’t believe that Mrs. Hasselbeck has “discovered the secret to a healthy life.” Show me her credentials, please. At least after she “diagnosed herself” with celiac, she saw a real doctor to confirm.

I don’t like how the website for the book features tons of photos of bread and other gluten-packed treats. You may as well shout at the reader: LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF YOU CAN’T EAT! That’s no way to begin a lifestyle change. That seems to be the nature of dietary trends, though. Maybe “fad diet” is a better word. All this denial, attempts to prove one’s willpower against a nutritive enemy…Gag me. To be fair, I haven’t read the book, so I’m not sure what Mrs. Hasselbeck’s tone or attitude is, so I’m only criticizing what I see online.

I believe that if someone has symptoms associated with celiac disease, they should definitely see a doctor and RD about it before turning to a former Survivor contestant’s book to help them. While I imagine it’s an accessible book for recently-diagnosed individuals, celiac is an autoimmune disorder that causes severe gluten intolerance—the gluten-free diet is a lifelong commitment and shouldn’t be treated like another Quick Fix of the Year.

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