In celebration of my last homework-free weekend for a long time, I spent the day doing fun girl-stuff with my friend Leah. First, we met up for brunch at ‘SNice for an early lunch/brunch. I rolled with a smoked tempeh wrap and side salad (I’d had a small smoothie for breakfast around 7:30, so this quieted my hunger pangs quite well), and she enjoyed their tofu scramble in a wrap. Big iced coffees were also essential.

From there, we hopped on the L and went to Beacon’s Closet, a great thrift store in Williamsburg to unload some old clothes. Of course, we just bought more new stuff, but it was totally worth it. I got two adorable work-appropriate dresses and a couple vintage shirts for Chris, and Leah snagged some super-cute sundresses. After that, we grabbed more iced coffee and took a little stroll through the park before heading back to the city.

I had a Groupon to Cocoa V in Chelsea, so we decided to sit down for a glass of wine and some vegan eats. We both ordered the quiche of the day, which had spinach, rosemary, and Daiya cheese and shared some mixed sweet & spicy nuts. I love how reasonable the portions are at this place. It was the perfect late snack/dinner part one (a big salad is on tonight’s menu).  I was also really pleased with the Malbec Rose we had. I’d never tried it before, but now I’m a fan!

I’m still sort of in denial about the fact that the next round of summer classes starts tomorrow, but I’m so happy I spent the day in good company doing fun stuff. I needed that!

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