This weekend has been so lovely. After a fun yoga outing Friday night, I spent Saturday catching up with one of my best girls. We started off with brunch at Quantum Leap in the west village. I used to go here all the time—kinda miss it.

veggie egg-white omelet

veggie egg-white omelet

The rest of the day was spent walking and talking and walking some more and eventually stopping for gelato and later drinks and Okay okay okay I know I am way older than 12, but I can’t look at this picture and not think of Accidental PenisIMG_2228


By the way, that’s a scoop of lavender-honey gelato on the left and raspberry sorbet on the right. Both flavors were delicious, unintentional phallic imagery aside.

But oh dear. I’m still blushing.

Anyway, it was a great way to spend a Saturday. It sucks sometimes that my friends and I are so busy we need to schedule hang-outs weeks in advance, but it’s always totally worth it.

How often do you catch up with your friends? What’s your favorite ice cream/gelato/sorbet flavor? 

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