Fed up with all the perfect social media updates you see every time you’re in front of a screen? Me too. Every time I log onto Facebook, I can’t help feeling like everyone I “know” is eating more brunch, taking more vacations, and basically just doing everything way better than I am without ever having their lunch leak all over their bag or something.

It’s easy to forget that others are just as imperfect as we are—it’s important to take a step back and acknowledge that a certain amount of curating goes on. Chances are, you’re not the only person who’s still in their gym clothes 5 hours later, and you’re probably not the first to leave a fancy-schmancy cooking class with a bit, fat blister from using the wrong knife. IMG_4609

From January 13-17, Real Simple Magazine is hosting Get Real on the Internet Week. You can sign up on their page to share life’s little imperfections. You can also upload your photos to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #rsgetreal.

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