One-stop shopping indeed. This weekend, my mom, sister and I popped into the grocery store near my parents’ house…for a latte. In the year or so it had been since I was last in the place, they had added a Starbucks. This is both genius and terrible. It makes it really easy to get a caffeine fix while running your other errands, but that caffeine fix often comes with a lot of sugar and calories attached. Shopping for practical things has been known to trigger that “I deserve a treat” response.

Pros and cons, I guess. I suppose it’s easy to make pretty much anything a habit, regardless of whether it’s in the supermarket or a few blocks away. I mean, the Dunkin Donuts across the street from the market doesn’t seem to be hurting for business.

Speaking of caffeine, this kid could use some. You can tell finals are approaching…

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