I can’t help it—Since Chris and I have started talking about moving to the East Side for practical reasons, I’ve kept a running list of all the things I’ll miss about Hells Kitchen. Near the top: Gazala Place, a fantastic little hole-in-the-wall Druze restaurant on 9th Ave. There’s another location on the Upper West Side, which is also great, and much bigger—if you’re nearby, definitely make it a point to stop in.

This weekend, I enjoyed a study-break lunch, complete with some of my favorites: Spinach-and-goat-cheese boureka, falafel, hummus, fatoush salad, vegetarian stuffed grape leaves, and pita.

Between three people, we polished almost it all off. But since we didn’t, there’s still some hummus with fava beans and pita in my fridge. I have a feeling when I’m living somewhere else, I’ll be making occasional trips to HK just for this place.

I finally have a draft done of my dysphagia paper. I’ll be so happy when that thing is turned in. I have a busy, busy week ahead of me in terms of projects and goings-on, but the good outweighs the not-so-good. Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend.

Some interesting nutrition tidbits from the past week:

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