I am endlessly amused by the amount of spam I get in the comments section advertising viagra and other—ahem—enhancements. For example, if there’s a diet plan for penile growth, I can’t say I’m aware, but someone could make a fortune creating a program for that. Unless I live under a rock and Dr. Oz has already taken up the cause of some miracle amino acid…

Anyway. My brain is still sort of in vacation mode after the mid-week holiday. Can we do this more often? I spent the day in Brooklyn, brunching, walking around Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and basically just enjoying a day off.

For better or worse, this is the only photograph I took all day. 

Then again, some of the best days are ones where you barely think to whip out your camera. Hm. Given the intro to this post, I probably could have picked a better phrase than “whip out,” but oh well.

What did you do this Fourth of July? Do you get funny spam? 

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