How about a little more randomness to wrap up this workweek?

1.) Yesterday, an elderly woman on line at the grocery store told me I should find more drinking friends. Um, I thought that was why I quit online dating—it seemed like all I was finding were “drinking friends.” From dudes all but crying into their strawberry margaritas to ass-grabbing boozehound anesthesiologists, I was starting to feel like I’d seen it all.

I guess it serves me right for engaging a lady in conversation about frozen edamame dumplings that are apparently “perfect for cocktail parties.” On the other hand, god bless this lady—I hope I’m hosting cocktail parties when I’m old enough to be called elderly.

2.) A recent study from a researcher at the University of Connecticut shows that Oreo cookies may be as addictive as cocaine. No shit.

3.) Bacon may be damaging to sperm, according to a study out of Harvard.

photo from the NY Daily News

Sorry, guys. Sucks to be you. On the flip side, there are plenty of foods that can boost sperm (omega-3-rich fish, for example), so if you stock your fridge with the good stuff and maybe limit the bacon-fest to, like, once a month, you can have your bacon and eat it too. Or if you love it so much, maybe you should just marry it.

4.) On a semi-related note, this song has become one of my fall 2013 themes. Along with this one. See Thing 1. Also, did it at some point become acceptable to quiz a lady over drinks about both her grooming habits and rape history, or am I right to find that, well, not okay? Somewhere in the MTA lost and found, there is a pile of Decent Human Being hats.

5.) Sometimes a gal needs to take a breather so she can clear her head and get back on the positive-thinking train. And you know, maybe plan a cocktail party at which to serve the aforementioned edamame dumplings to her friends.

6.) The beginning of October was dark. Really dark. Here’s to hoping today’s full moon lunar eclipse has made some room for some good new things.

Any bit of randomness you’d like to share? 

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