Has anyone tried these Full Bars? I’ve heard about them from a few different people recently (my mom had just bought a box when I was visiting recently). I’m not really a big fan of bars, but I thought it was pretty interesting that these are endorsed by a doctor who performs bariatric surgery and that the concept behind the bars is explained right on the box.

The idea is that you’re supposed to eat one with a glass of water about half an hour before a meal. The fiber and protein in the Full Bar (which looks and reportedly tastes like a glorified Rice Krispies treat) are supposed to help you feel full so you will eat less. I do like that instructions on how to “use” these bars includes assessing your hunger.

Here’s what the website says: “The befull solution is inspired by the principles of weight-loss surgery. When a person undergoes bariatric or lap band surgery, a device is installed to constrict the stomach. The result is that when food is ingested, it rests near the upper part of the stomach, tricking the person’s stomach into telling the brain, ‘Stop eating, you’re full.'”

I still can’t help but wonder, “well, wouldn’t eating an apple or a small handful of nuts work just as well”? I remain a skeptic, but the Full Bars get a thumbs-up for at least trying to get people tuned in to their hunger cues.

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