Happy Saturday guys. Hope you’ve got something fun planned! I’m using my Saturday to run errands and take care of stuff around the house. I’ve also been studying for a few tests I have coming up this week.

One thing that helps me get my reading and studying done is bringing it to the gym. I’m lucky I’m able to read on the elliptical without getting sick—some people say they get nauseous or dizzy. I spent a good 50 minutes going over my notes on carbohydrate metabolism and energy transformation. Fun stuff.

I’ve been making sure to keep myself fueled with healthy, balanced meals. This week’s been a doozy—Last night’s salmon dinner was much-needed, as was the (unpictured) glass of red wine. 

Lunch today was something of an experiment for me—I made a salad with greens and leftover grilled tofu, but I also added a little bit of goat cheese and half an Asian pear, chopped. Have you ever tried these? I love the crisp apple-pear combo. I’ll definitely try this again. Though I usually go for plain olive oil and vinegar for dressing, I used a tiny bit of jam as an emulsifier—the sweetness was the perfect complement.

For a healthy whole grain to balance it out, I made a slice of (sort of stale) whole wheat toast…and decided halfway through to tear it up and call it croutons.

Whatever works. After a little more studying, I’m off to find my dad and sister birthday presents. The two Libras in the family are 55 and 23 this week : )

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