Ok, I’ll ‘fess up—I totally went through a phase in college where I practically lived off of frozen yogurt. The dining hall sucked, I couldn’t cook to save my life, but I was really good at ordering frozen yogurt with cookie dough bites and sprinkles.

no f***ing contest

Just thinking about that makes my teeth hurt—I think it was going to Italy and trying gelato that turned me off to the stuff. I mean, honestly, what is the point of eating a giant  swirl of fake stuff when the real deal is out there and oh-so-good? Someone please stop me from extending this into a metaphor…Not that I claim to be above the occasional nostalgic craving for soft-serve fro-yo with sprinkles but that happens, like, once a year.

But I digress. The whole point of this post was to share with you Glamour magazine’s Do’s & Don’ts of Frozen Yogurt. While I can’t help rolling my eyes at phrases like “skinny treat,” it’s cute and informative.

Do you like frozen yogurt? Gelato? What’s your favorite flavor/topping combination? 

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