It was raining so hard in New York today, and of course, I left my umbrella at home. I’d been planning to stock up on groceries, but no way was I going to lug a bunch of bags through the downpour. Instead, I opted to concoct a few bizarre dishes using what was around (let’s not talk about the quinoa-kale-chickpea-marinara thing-y). Not having any ice cream was a good reason to whip up some frozen banana soft-serve for dessert.

It was very simple, I sliced a ripe banana and froze it for a few hours. When I was ready for something sweet, I put the frozen banana slices into the food processor for a few minutes. banana ice cream

It’s pretty cool to watch the fruit get churned into what looks exactly like ice cream. I can’t take credit for this one—it’s one of those raw food things some genius thought up. It’s great alone or with added ingredients like chocolate, nuts and other frozen fruits. frozen banana ice cream



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