As I’ve discussed many times, I love a good glass of wine, but I try to be choosy about the when/where/what/how much I drink. And the who I drink it with. Let’s face it—there are just some people it’s not smart to drink wine around, for various reasons.

Anyway, this was news to me, but apparently, the same company the makes Clif Bars also makes wine—reasonably-priced wine sourced from environmentally-conscious vineyards in the Napa Valley and North Coast, at that…Behold, the Clif Family Winery.

Consider me a skeptic, but I’ve read good things around the web, and I’m also amused by the fact that snack items available in their online store also include pairing suggestions. I’ll admit, my interest has been piqued, though the last thing I need in my apartment is more wine. I still have a few bottles from last summer (and one from longer ago that that!) I haven’t gotten around to opening yet. I seriously need to just host a dinner party already.

Has anyone tried their wines? What do you think about the Clif-Bar/wine thing? 

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