Now, I know I’m an RD-in-training and all and “should” be telling you to never ever eat fried chicken, but when it comes to food, I don’t really believe in words like “never” or “good” or “bad.” What I do believe in is eating mostly foods that benefit your health—and taste good—but also enjoying a little bit of something you really, really love once in a while, even if it happens to be less healthy.

So if fried chicken is your jam, then you have to check out Mama Joy’s Fried Chicken Death Match, which runs at the Bushwick restaurant through September 23. Choose between 2 types and vote on which should stay on the menu—I’ve been hearing good things about both contenders. I don’t know the first thing about what makes a standout fried bird, but connoisseurs tell me it’s partially to do with the breading and the brine.

And hey, you can always pair it with some salad…

Do you eat fried chicken? How do you make room for indulgences in your diet? 

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