Friday already? Wow, this week is going quickly. Here’s a few random things on my mind as we move into the weekend.

The other day, I finally got around to trying this butternut squash Blue Hill Yogurt—it was so good! Most flavored yogurts are too sweet for my taste, so this was a fun change of pace. I’m not normally a fan of whole milk yogurts (they taste almost “cheesy” to me), but I really enjoyed this. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the yogurt is made from milk from grass-fed cows. Aside from tasting great, I was surprised that it kept me full as long as it did too, given the lower-than-I’m-used-to protein content. The fat probably helps. I’m so tempted to make a comment like, “This is the yuppiest yogurt ever!” but really, I love that there are more and more products like this becoming available. At $2.99 per container at my local Whole Foods, this is a bit expensive for an everyday purchase, but you never know—companies making products that sell at different price points might jump on the savory yogurt wagon.

I mixed in a spoonful of these Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts, another thing I’m loving lately. They’re great in yogurt, but I also enjoyed them mixed with flax, garlic powder, and rosemary and tossed with some steamed kale and miso-roasted root veggies—naturally, I added some tahini into the mix because I want to eat tahini in everything lately.

In good news, recent CDC data shows a 43 percent drop in obesity rates in kids ages 2 to 5 over the past decade.

In not-so-good news, um, Waffle Taco? Why??! I guess it’s still better than a sugary donut or monstrous muffin, since it’s at least providing some protein, but, um…well, thanks for upping my sense of job security, Taco Bell.

Oh, and bottomless brunch is apparently illegal. Or wait, no—it’s actually legal? I’m confused. Either way, all I’ve ever gotten out of that second mimosa is a headache, so whatever.

The answer to the question “Wtf am I going to do with this bottle of red pepper jelly my mom gave me for Christmas?” Or ten answers. 

What’s on your mind this Friday? 

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