Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I was supposed to be away on a bachelorette trip, but unfortunately, the outing was postponed. It was a bit odd not to be working at the hospital, but I took advantage of the found time to do a lot of things I don’t normally have time for on the weekends:

1.) Visited not one but two museums! Great remedy for a rainy weekend—Saturday afternoon was spent at the Museum of Natural History, and Sunday at the Guggenheim.

2.) Skype date with a lady-friend.

IMG 5384 300x300 - Found: Time

Chickpea Flour Pancake

3.) Made socca for the first time—aka glorified chickpea flour pancake if you make it on the stovetop like I did. Protein, fiber, great flavor and texture—I will never waste money on pita bread or tortillas again.

1/4 cup chickpea flour + 1/4 cup and 1 tbsp water + 1/8 tsp baking powder + sea salt & pepper = my new favorite thing to make.

4.) Caught up on blogs and took a bunch of online quizzes. Buzzfeed tells me that Tina Fey should play me in the movie version of my life. If only. Thanks for the ego-boost, Buzzfeed.

5.) A few other things I read:

6.) Cleaned out my closet. I feel like I’ve finally learned that shopping when I’m feeling sad, lonely, or anxious is a bad idea because I tend to purchase things I never end up wearing because I’m actually trying to buy an experience.

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A glimpse of Sunday’s meal prep

7.) Nodded along to this discussion on NPR’s The Salt, Why We Got Fatter During the Fat-Free Boom.

8.) Sunday meal prep. Lots of tasty things in the five-day forecast…

What was the highlight of your weekend? What are you looking forward to this week? Are you afraid of spin class?