In a past life, when I lived in Boston, I used to meet with a group of writers every Thursday to workshop poems and talk sh!t about poetry and poets who weren’t in attendance. At some point in the evening, someone would inevitably float the idea of ordering from Food Wall, a local Chinese joint. In no time at all, we’d be unpacking greasy, gluey pints of deliciousness.

If I had a guilty food pleasure (I don’t really believe in dietary guilt), I would definitely say it’s Chinese food—I use the excuse that I have low blood pressure when rationalizing with myself about the sky-high sodium intake, but even if I didn’t, I’d still need that occasional shrimp-with-broccoli fix.

Anyway, apparently a food wall is a thing now. As described in The Washington Post, there’s an emerging trend in urban agriculture: indoor edible walls, or “food walls” — metal panels fitted with soil on/in which fruits and vegetables can be grown. Granted, they’re somewhat limited in the amount of food they’re able to sustain, but I still think it’s pretty neat.

What do you think of food walls? Do you like Chinese food? 

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