October 24th is Food Day, a “nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.” Doing anything to mark the occasion? Yesterday at work they featured a “fresh-tossed caesar salad bar” special in the cafeteria, and I’m really hoping that was not supposed to be a celebration, as caesar salad is usually near the top of the list of “Calorie Bombs Masquerading as Salad.” Or however you want to phrase that. I’m not really a gal who talks in terms of calorie bombs or fat fiestas or whatever the kids are saying these days.

While we’re talking calendar dates…October 23 is one of those days that, for whatever reason, has always been intense. I don’t usually put two-and-two together until partway through when the date suddenly clicks, but once I do, it makes sense. Part of me wonders if it’s some kind of subconscious mourning thing. Only once has the death of a musician truly effected me emotionally, and that was when Elliott Smith died. Goodness. When I got home that afternoon from a Lit Mag meeting (during which my ex-boyfriend and I had argued in front of everyone), and found out, I just sat on my bedroom floor and cried for hours. Mascara all over my blue jeans, of course. I’d chalk it up to being a teenager if I didn’t still do that once or twice a year. Anyway, yesterday marked ten years since his passing, and Pitchfork published this great piece, featuring stories by people from his life.

Because I talk about music almost as much as I talk about food on this blog, this is my very favorite Elliott Smith song (though I have quite a few favorites). Here’s another favorite, different side of the same coin:


Can anyone else not believe it’s almost November? Yikes! My birthday month is almost here…

Doing anything for Food Day? Do you have any favorite Elliott Smith songs? What’s your birthday month? 

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