Here we are, just a few more weeks until it’s officially spring! Is anyone else super-excited to be moving towards a new season?

During the wintertime, especially where it gets cold, it’s easy to feel exhausted and bummed out—and to reach for comfort foods. Though we may feel psychological benefits in the short-term, some of these foods (think sweets, salty snacks, or heavy, fatty dishes) may leave us feeling sluggish and, ultimately, worse. Factor in less sunlight and a decrease in motivation to get up and work out, and you’ve got a recipe for sad bastard-itis.

In a recent news segment, Bethany Thayer, an RD based in Metro Detroit, emphasizes the importance of “lean proteins and healthy grains” to boost serotonin production, along with foods rich in selenium such as Brazil nuts and mushrooms, as selenium deficiency has been linked to depression. 

Haha I wonder if this explains my recent mushroom cravings…

Another important thing is to make sure you eat regularly and focus on enjoying balanced meals to keep your blood sugar levels—and mood—stable. Putting oneself on a spring break starvation diet isn’t exactly gonna help you feel good. It might not also be the best time to listen to Leonard Cohen, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, or whatever your personal sad bastard music might be.

Speaking of sad bastard music, please enjoy this clip (f-bomb warning in case you’re at work):

What are your wintertime comfort foods? Are you looking forward to spring? 

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