My mother sent me this hilarious first-day-of-school picture last night. There are a lot of pictures of me and my sister dancing and goofing off like this. Remember when the first day of school was, like, a big deal worth dressing up for?

First day of school, ages 8 (me) and 6 (Julia)

Today isn’t all that different, only I have to show up in business attire. My dietetic internship starts today. For the next 11 months, I’ll be doing the clinical rotations that will qualify me to sit for the RD exam. Yikes!

First day of "school," age 26

Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll remember to fix my lab coat collar. And I’ll probably change my shirt ten seconds before I run out the door, as per usual.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Did your parents take first-day-of-school pictures when you were a kid?

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