On the front page of its Dining section this morning, the New York Times ran an article about bloggers who post photos of practically every meal they eat entitled “First Camera, then Fork.” After speaking a few months ago with a journalism grad student who was writing her thesis on a similar subject, I knew it was only a matter of time…As someone who considers themselves a food blogger in some respect, I was particularly interested to read about this seemingly-new phenomenon of the “what I ate today” variety of blogs.

It’s definitely worth a read. I’m curious to hear your thoughts as well. I constantly wonder whether I should be posting more recipes or more current events or more clinical stuff. I like to keep it interesting for myself by mixing it up, but I do wonder sometimes whether it’s better to just pick one mode of operation. Textbook Sagittarius that I am, I find it hard to do just one thing, but as I continue to find my voice, it’s something I think about.

So, to straddle the line on this lovely afternoon, here’s a shot of what I made for lunch today: a whole wheat wrap with hummus, tons of veggies, and sprouts. It was pretty fabulous to sit down to that after a steamy class at Yoga to the People. It’s gonna be hard to sit still and do my work today…

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