I took my last two finals of the semester last night! This semester was the hardest I’ve had yet, though also the most rewarding. I’m not going to lie, my brain is pretty fried right now.

I went to a hot yoga class this morning and since getting back and making lunch, I’ve been tweaking an article that’s due at the end of the week. I also took a break to take a silly picture of myself with the cow-shaped dairy creamer my Food Science professor gifted to me as a thank you for helping with the class blog. It looks like it wants to eat my ear.

There’s a lot interesting stuff going on in the nutrition world this week. Rachel Ray has been lobbying for more school lunch money, and the White House’s Childhood Obesity Task Force issued a report on Tuesday calling on food marketers to make some big changes in the way foods are marketed to children.

The New York Times also ran this thought-provoking article on food allergies that may not be allergies after all.

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