Today I’d like to bring up something that may not be related directly to food but is near and dear to my heart. My friend Carrie, aside from being one of my favorite dining companions, is also one of the smartest, funniest writers I know. Her insights on feminism and gender never cease to get the wheels turning. She has a way of framing her insights that lets the facts do the revealing rather than simply pointing at an isolated example of a double-standard and saying, “Okay, this is where you’re supposed to drop your jaw and say, ‘Wow.'”

Feministing, one of the oldest, most widely-read, and most respected feminist blogs, is hosting a contest to find a new regular contributor. I love Carrie’s writing, and I know lots of other folks out there will too. Being able to contribute to the site that made her passionate about feminist writing and blogging in the first place would be a wonderful thing for Carrie and for all the readers introduced to her work.

To participate in the contest, writers are submitting two blog posts for Feministing’s community blog between 8/20 and 8/24. After that, a group of finalists will be chosen, and then there will be another round before the new contributor is selected.

You can read her first post here.

Here’s her second post!

Want to help out? Here’s how:

1.The best thing you can do to help is comment on the post. Decisions will be made partially on how readers respond to the posts, so if you read the post and like it, say so! If you don’t like it, go ahead and debate! If you have something to say, saying it will help a lot.

2.If you’d rather not comment, you can also share the post on Facebook and Twitter, re-blog it on Tumblr, email it to friends, and the like.

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